Real-time Embedded Software



  • Conventional C-code
  • Automatic code generation from Simulink models for:
    • prototyping ECU
    • production ECU 
  • Micro-controllers programming
    • Freescale MPC5xxx
    • Analog Devices DSP
    • Renesas SuperH RISC
  • eTPU programming
    • BLDC driver
    • Variable Force Solenoid current driver
    • Signal measurement and generation
    • eTPU simulator
  • Embedded Linux
  • Norms compliancy
    • ISO26262:2011
  • Field bus
    • CAN
    • FlexRay
    • SENT protocol


All our developments are supported by Agile/SCRUM management tools, with extensive customer collaboration for an optimal responsivness. 


Simulink is a registered trademark from The Mathworks, Inc

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