Control software


Our competences: 

  • Model Based Design
    • Mathematical approach of controlled systems (system identification)
    • MiL/SiL/HiL to increase tests coverage
  • Competent use of Matlab/Simulink
    • Simscape/SimDriveline
    • Stateflow
    • Simulink Verification and Validation
    • In-house developed libraries 
  • Process supporting tools (in-house developed)
    • Automatic documentation generation
    • Data/Flow coherency checks
    • Data analysis tools
  • Norms compliancy processes and tools
    • ISO26262:2011


All our developments are supported by Agile/SCRUM management tools, with extensive customer collaboration for an optimal responsivness. 


Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow/Simscape/Simdriveline are trademarks or registered trademarks from The Mathworks, Inc

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